What is Hotels 254?
Hotels 254 is an online Booking Directory built to bring together Kenyan Hotels and Stay-in properties to give travelers and tourists the convenience to find, compare price and book into Kenyan properties.
Is Hotels 254 a registered Business?
Hotels 254 is a website developed and operated by Organx Lab, a Registered Business in Kenya operating with Business Registration number BN-AZCXPJGX
How do I book on Hotels 254?
Search for properties near by entering your location anywhere in Kenya. You will get a search result from our Hotel Database. Compare prices and choose a preferred Hotel room. Book your stay and choose to pay online or on arrival.
Who can List a property on Hotels 254?
Any legally operating Business providing accommodation in the Hospitality industry can list a property on Hotels 254.
Does one pay to list property on Hotels 254?
Listing a property on Hotels 254 is free. Simply Sign Up in our website and choose to become partner. Once your application to become a partner has been approved, you will be able to list a property and services provided. However, Hotels 254 will claim a commission of 12% on every successful Booking from the website.
Why are your Hotels so expensive?
We are not responsible for setting prices of services listed under featured properties. Our partners set prices they deem fit for the services they offer and we have no control over that.